Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's AA365~ Spotlight Artist, "Lucy Fur"

 Artist: "Lucy Fur", Julie Perreth

                                                     Art By: "Lucy Fur", Julie Perreth

                                                  Art By: "Lucy Fur", Julie Perreth 

Art By: "Lucy Fur", Julie Perreth

Monday, May 7, 2012

Art @ Sip Jennifer Sauer's Dog and Pony Show

Sip welcomes artist, Jennifer Sauer for the month of May.

Jennifer brings you balanced, well-placed and formed lined paintings that show you motion, movement and emotion from the character. Solid backgrounds will suggest a severe focus on the intended subjects...greyhounds and horses.

Opening reception from 7-10pm. The show will hang for one month.

724 Virginia
Orlando, FL 32803

First Friday Artist Reception for Jon "Glass Man" Gardner

Sugar Magnolia was honored to host the very first Jon "Glass Man" Gardner artist showing in January of 2011. Since then Jon has displayed his work in numerous shops and galleries and become quite popular with our customers. We're happy to welcome Jon back as the Artist of... the Month in May.

Jon Glass Man Gardner has been surrounded by glass most of his adult life. He started out by cutting it to be installed in house windows about 20 years ago. Then 15 years ago he transitioned to replacing glass in automobiles. All the while being known as the "Glassman" wherever he went.

It wasnt until 2 years ago that the title "Artist" was added to his resume.Jon decided to start painting ON glass. This painter doesn't use paintbrushes and the minute detail and depth that is seen in all his pieces is actually done using nothing but spray paint and his two hands.

Pictured is a piece that has been chosen by the Osceola Center for the Arts as part of a juried art show for May.

Jon's artist reception will be held Friday, May 4 from 5-8 pm. Free food from Cobblestone Cafe will be served.

Additionally, Jon will be live painting Friday, May 18th in front of Sugar Magnolia during Hipstoric Happy Hour. Most of our downtown merchants will be open late on the 18th and will offer a drawing for a free gift basket filled with goodies from local shops. There will be live music throughout downtown.

Sugar Magnolia is located at 1035 Pennsylvania Ave. Phone number is 407-891-0155. You can find us on Facebook as Sugar Magnolia, St. Cloud.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux Cafe By Chad Pollpeter

Bikes, Bean and Bordeaux will be showing some of the newest works by Chad Pollpeter.

Opening reception will be on Saturday May 5, 2012 at 7:30.

So Before you hit the cantina on Cinco de Mayo, stop by Bikes, Beans $ Bordeaux and check out some artwork.

Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux Cafe
3022 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Demons and Dudes Reception By Jarrod Pope

Hey guys!

Again, I'm very well aware of it being Cinco de Mayo AND Free Comic Book Day on May 5th. If you're not busy getting drunk and reading comics, come on down and show your buddy Jarrod some support for his first gallery show.

If not, I have a very good memory....

And for those not familiar with my work, it's a collection of my grotesque and homoerotic illustrations.

Gallery Q
The Center/Gallery Q
946 North Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803

TERRORBLY ODD - A Screem-Print Weekend

A Disturbance of the Disturbance.

Well friends, the fear I had going into this show has come to fruition. Sadly, as of April 5th, Lucasfilm LTD. has asked that we shelve A Disturbance on the Fourth -- an announcement that really breaks my heart. Initially intended as a...
modest tribute to the famed saga, "Disturbance" eventually grew into a sort of tribute to my childhood. From days spent fabricating makeshift transport vehicles out of empty egg cartons, to countless sketches of Death Stars, Snowspeeders and Emperors meeting their doom. So, as you can imagine, there is an extra bit of sting that comes with having to cancel (or suspend indefinitely) this event. There seemed to be a good amount of energy growing with this show and I was very much looking forward to sharing those memories with all of you.

Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking that I'm agitated with the people at Lucasfilm and yeah, the initial response was a bit of "wtf?!", however, when you go into an event like this, you kinda know the risk -- they are only protecting their property in much the same way anyone else would. So yeah, it does suck, but I get it. What I do hope is that, somehow, this opens up a dialogue where I might obtain the proper permission to put on Disturbance somewhere down the road. Until then, though, we'll just have to wait and see.

So, now what? Well, seeing as the wonderful people at Pop Gallery have already made room for all of us on their calendar, we may as well put on a show, right? Damn right! So, after that bit of bad news, I'm extremely happy to announce what should be a really great event - TERRORBLY ODD! A Screem-Print Weekend. Centered around the classic monsters of early horror, TERRORBLY will be the most highly interactive show we've done to date. In addition to 6 new originals, we will be doing live screen printing… and this is where the fun part comes in. Jordan from The Fine Print Shoppe and I will be printing up custom, mix and match designs to your liking. In other words, you pick the shirt, you pick the background design and finally you pick from one of 6 classic monsters to finish up your custom shirt.

Now, I know this show may lack the sexiness of a Star Wars event, but I am confident that it will be a great time. After all of the headache and heartache, I have poured myself into these new pieces so I really do hope to see a lot of you out there. You all know I hate to ask any of you for anything, but this time… I humbly ask as many of you to make it out as possible. We are still organizing a meet-up after the event on Saturday night and with that said, hanging out with all you good people would be a great way to put all the disappointment this miserable fool had to go through to make this thing happen.

Again, as always, thank each and everyone of you for being each and every one of you.

Regardless of the scheduling flub, I'm extremely excited about this event and cannot thank all at Pop Gallery enough for the opportunity (and idea) to put on a show that, for most of us, is a rhomp through a part of our childhood we never really let go of... at least until the prequels, that is.

The show itself will be made up of at least ten new works (I say "at least because" I would like to do more, but time is NOT on my side here. As it is, it's going to be a serious stretch to complete.) all themed around the characters that we've all come to know, love, and in some cases loathe.

Aside from the show, we are also going to be organizing a meet-up at the outdoor bar at Raglan Road. There's plenty of room for chatting and plenty of good brew on tap for drinking. So we hope to see as many of you out there as possible. Oh yeah, and although I'm not sure Disney would like costumes, feel free to wear your best Star Wars duds!

Also, please be sure to check in on this event page for updates, sketches and so on.

As always, thanks to all of you for all of this.


at The Walt Disney (R) World Resort
1504 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida  32830

May The 4th Be With You Star Wars Theme Art Show

awesome art show and party celebrating our love for the epic saga star wars with multiple artists showcasing star wars art. lots of raffles for tattoos, tshirts, and more. beer and wine with good music and great people make for a fun evening. all ages free entry from 7pm till 11pm. and as with all of our shows a portion of the proceeds will go to the national multiple sclerosis society.

C-4 Inksteady Studios
2825 Business Center Blvd. Suite C-4
Melbourne, FL 32935